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Iraqi Children Foundation

The Iraqi Children Foundation intervenes with love and hope in the lives of Iraqi children who are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and recruitment by criminals, human traffickers, and extremists.

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Street Lawyers, social workers, doctors,  and Hope Buses deliver education, food, legal protection, medical care,  and psycho-social services to at-risk orphans, child laborers, street  kids, and the disabled.    Here are some of their stories:

- Rokaya* (13) was a good student on the Hope Bus but was at great risk of early marriage until social workers intervened on her behalf to dissuade the poor family from forcing her to marry

- Husam* (13) was beaten by his boss and falsely accused of theft until the Street Lawyers intervened with legal assistance to protect him

- Layla* (3) was exploited by a woman who used the child to beg on the street until Street Lawyers, working with police, discovered the girl had been kidnapped and sold to the woman

- Ali (9),* his brother, and mother work by collecting cans at the dump.  When his Hope Bus teacher discovered he had a rash, Ali was taken to the hospital where a doctor diagnosed it as an infectious skin disease from the dump and he got medication to treat it. 

From May 2016, when this ambitious initiative was first launched, through April 2021, ICF’s team of Street Lawyers, social workers, and teachers has achieved significant results, at no cost to the children or their families:

- 1,469 children received legal protection and defense from the Street Lawyers;

- 1,568 children received key legal documents required for school and benefits from the Street Lawyers;

- 1,189 children were saved from child labor and domestic abuse through the intervention of ICF-funded social workers; these children also received essential health care, psycho-social services and re-entry support as they left detention to go home and back to school; and

- More than 500 children have been nourished mentally, physically, and emotionally with tutoring, healthy meals, and psycho-social services on the Hope Buses which launched a year later in 2017.

Please visit our website www.iraqichildren.org or email liz@iraqichildren.org for more information.