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Iraise Girls & Boys International Corporation

Support I'RAISE to bring mental health services to the kids who need them most!

https://www.iraiseinc.org Tax ID 46-3299217


I’RAISE Girls & Boys International Corporation's mission is to provide a holistic program aimed at fostering and improving socio-emotional well-being and educational outcomes in youth ages 4-21 in underserved NYC communities.

The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the challenges children of color are facing, as they deal with food insecurity, violence, illness and grief. Their academic lives have been interrupted, their sports and activities stripped away, and many are witnessing their families going through extreme financial hardship as a result of the economic crisis. The pandemic is causing crippling anxiety and depression in many of our city’s children and youth who are isolated at home without support. We need to make sure these kids can receive the mental health services they need and deserve!

At I’RAISE, we have developed virtual mental health care programming and have been connecting kids with mentors and social workers to help them cope with COVID-19 and stay on track in school and on pathways towards rewarding careers.

Help us make sure our kids are supported through the pandemic and beyond!