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Ipsum Valorem Incorporated

Better lives by enabling technology's promise to society

https://www.ipsumvalorem.org Tax ID 83-1797249


Ipsum Valorem is a nonprofit organization that was founded with the idea that society should benefit from technology in more ways than just playing games on a smartphone or following social media. Our mission is to find ways to benefit society through research, services, training, and product development without being tied to the need to generate a profit. The products that exist today are wonderful, but they should provide better value to our lives than just passing time on an airplane ride or following social media. Technology made a promise to society many years ago and we are here to make good on that promise. We want everyone in the world to live more fulfilled lives because of the capabilities that exist in the devices they own. Profit is not our goal. Politics have no place here. We want honest, sustained, societal benefit from the technology that exists in today's world. 50 years ago, we went to the moon using technology that hadn’t yet been invented, today we have unlimited technological capability and no idea where it should take us. Ipsum Valorem is here to change that.