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Invisible Disability Project

We are disrupting the silence around what it means to live with an invisible disability and being invisible for having disabilities.


Invisible Disability Project (IDP) is a social/cultural movement and an educational media project that consciously disrupts “invisibility” imposed upon unseen disabilities at the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality. We are devoted to building human connections and self-advocacy by dismantling shame and stigma. IDP effects change through public conversations and interactive online content with the goal of creating an informed, mutually supportive community.

IDP envisions a world where people with unseen disabilities no longer encounter barriers to personal relationships, health care, community, education, employment, technology, media representation, laws and policy. We reject “normalcy” as a form of identification to be aspired to. We seek to reclaim identities previously rendered “invisible”. More specifically, we aim to reveal how “bodily diversity” and “neuro diversity” more aptly describe every human experience as opposed to the “normal” and “abnormal” binaries. We will record and track our educational interventions across social media, activist websites / blogs, teaching materials, professional publications, and, most prominently, through our “This is Me” media campaign. IDP imagines radical transformation by changing language, changing minds, and shaping a new culture.