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International Cross Culture Foundation

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International Cross Cultural Foundation

is a non-profit organization specializing in popularizing and promoting Chinese cultural projects.The scope of the foundation's fundraising for the public is nationwide, and it accepts voluntary donations from overseas Chinese. The foundation's purpose is to carry forward the fine tradition of enthusiastic public welfare undertakings of overseas Chinese. To support the development of various public welfare undertakings such as economics, culture, science and technology, education, health, and wellbeing all of which are of great concern to the overseas Chinese community. The purpose of the service provided by the majority of overseas Chinese is to serve the community wholeheartedly, at home and abroad. The foundation abides by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, and observes social morality.The business scope is:(1) To establish special funds in accordance with the wishes of donors and to support the development of various public welfare undertakings of concern by the overseas Chinese community;(2) Funding research activities to promote Chinese culture and the history of overseas Chinese, promoting exchanges in culture and arts at home and abroad, and to develop related projects in cooperation;(3) Rewarding overseas Chinese, domestic Chinese, returned overseas Chinese, and overseas Chinese dependents who have made outstanding contributions to promoting the outstanding traditional culture of China, the economic construction of the motherland and the development of science and technology, education, and health;(4) Used for publicity and other projects that are conducive to the development of overseas Chinese affairs。