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International Cell Surgical Society

The International Cell Surgical Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is dedicated to research, education, truth, transparency, and the advancement of knowledge in the field of regenerative medicine.



The International Cell Surgical Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to advancing the science and education in the field of stem cell and regenerative medicine. This emerging field holds a host of promise and the amount of laboratory and clinical research has exploded over the recent years, with beyond encouraging results. ICSS is proud to help support these efforts by physicians and scientists alike, endeavoring to provide grants for basic science research as well as clinical investigations. As a group of doctors, scientists, and community leaders, ICSS believes that actively collecting data, organizing it in a transparent fashion to support participating physicians, providing support for publications, and organizing continuing medical educational events, we can further this field in the most responsible way possible.


ICSS houses a Health and Human Services regulated institutional review board (IRB) to oversee clinical investigations, primarily focused on cell therapies in regenerative medicine..  We seek to advance cell therapy and regenerative medicine through a number of activities:

          *  Laboratory  Science Research

          *  Clinical Investigations

          *  CME Medical Conferences


Using the body’s natural healing cells presents an exciting alternative to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and conventional joint replacements. We hope and believe that this natural healing will be our future and that responsibly investigating our body’s healing power will be the best way to get the most out of our bodies and lives. The collection and presentation of scientifically collected data, whether from the lab or clinic, is the best way to spread knowledge and advance this promising field.


We want to provide physicians and scientists the support they need to do the work that will ultimately help us all live healthier longer lives. Whether that support is financed through grants for basic science research or clinical intervention, or safety oversight through our Regenatrak Database, which tracks the safety and efficacy outcomes of all our approved protocols, or it’s our annual Cell Surgical Conference to bring together the luminaries of the regenerative medicine field to share their latest findings,  transparency, sharing, and the spread of knowledge will be the best way to advance this new medical field in the safest, most efficient way possible.


In a world of emerging regenerative therapies and uncontrolled clinical applications, we believe that a regimented scientific approach where long term safety and data are the central guiding figures, we will enhance, refine, and propel cell therapy into the 21st Century in the most responsible way possible.