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International Topical Steroid Awareness Network (itsan)

Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome Support and Advocacy

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ITSAN is the only 501c3 nonprofit organization supporting the thousands of people around the world who have developed Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome from the use of topical corticosteroid medications (such as hydrocortisone).   Our mission is to raise awareness of TSW Syndrome and support all affected individuals.  

Our small annual budget is used to send board members to dermatology and other conferences to exhibit and engage with industry contacts, maintain our website, produce printed materials for our members to share with their doctors, and join in collaboration with other patient organizations.  Our members are absolutely desperate for support as many are home-bound, some suffer so severely that they can not work or care for their family....or even roll over in bed without agony.  Our medical advisory board has said that the desperation and misery of those suffering with this condition cannot be understated.  There are many projects you can support to help us get the word out to the medical community about this outcome, and many ways you can support those still suffering.   Our funding runs low on a regular basis, and until we gain corporate sponsorships and /or significant funding sources to meet our lofty goals, we need YOUR help.  

For more info on this condition, please watch the documentary Preventable, by Briana Banos.  You can find a link on our home page at www.itsan.org.  Please make a huge impact by supporting this wonderful organization!!