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International Reptile Rescue Inc

All animals deserve love and compassion, not just those with fluffy faces. We are rescuers and caretakers of the misunderstood.of the less

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We are considered the oldest reptile rescue in North America since the early 1970's. The past few years we have been getting a lots of animals due to either not being what we would consider pets, like alligators and big tortoises or being banned by animal legislation.

We started another non-profit for the non-adoptables like the big snakes, alligators, aggressive lizards and the ever increasing population of giant sulcatta tortoises.

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head and ponder, "what were you thinking!!!"

Without rescues like us these animals are not placed in zoos as most people think.  Due to so  many of them out there they are euthanized. 

We have always been a NO KILL Organization as NO animal should be killed due to the fault of its owner.