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Interfaith Ministries Of Wichita Falls Inc

Interfaith Outreach Services provides appropriate temporary assistance to individuals and families of Archer and Wichita Counties who are threatened with homelessness, loss of utilities, food insecurity or other temporary financial emergencies in an atmosphere of compassion and respect.

www.interfaithwf.org Tax ID 75-1780886



Interfaith Outreach Services has assisted families and individuals with housing expenses in Wichita County since its inception in 1979.  In 2014, we added Archer County to our service area.  Currently, Interfaith is the only source of housing assistance in our service area.  There are 2 other agencies who are able to provide limited assistance with housing expenses, but only to clients who are enrolled in on-going programs with those agencies.  For the majority of families and individuals in this area, Interfaith is their only option for assistance.  When a family or individual experiences a financial emergency, being able to maintain the safety and security of a place to live is a real necessity.  We are able to help clients with making the rent payment needed immediately and if necessary, we can provide assistance with deposits to make the move to a more affordable housing situation.