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Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence

Strengthening the sustainability and impact of nonprofit organizations.


The mission of the Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence (INIE) is to strengthen the sustainabiilty and impact of nonprofit organizations through education, collaboration and advocacy.  We envision a vibrant nonprofit community that is valued by the community for its innovation, leadership, accountability and overall impact.  We have been serving the needs of the nonprofit sector since 2014. 

We are taking a proactive measure to SAVE OUR NONPROFITS during the coronavirus pandemic.   Nonprofits in the Tallahassee area employe 1 in 10 residents and have an economic impact over $3.1 million.  Our services to the necessities and quality of life in our community is vast.  With services ranging from free mental health counseling to pro bono legal assistance to culture education, we serve as the heart of our communities through the business of giving.   

Please help us provide unrestricted funds to support the operations of keeping the doors of local nonprofits open.  Your donation will help with:

1.  keeping staff employed so they can serve the needs of the most economically challenged

2.  purchase necessary equipment to work remotely

3.  pay for necessary operation expenses like utilities, rent

4.  purchase necessary supplies to provide to those in needs (food, clothing, utilities, medication, etc)