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Inspired Legacy Foundation Inc

Tomorrows Voices. Today.


“Giving is not just about donations it is about making a difference and bringing a change.”

We are focused on doing our part now in preserving the future of humanity through creative and versatile initiatives that will impact the world in a positive way for generations. Each of our initiatives speaks to different needs that resonate with our foundation with the ultimate goal to:

· Help enhance health, end hunger, overcome financial and social hardships,

· Increase income and knowledge through skills training & mentorship programs

· Improve child nutrition & welfare through education and lifestyle enrichment with its end to ultimately help eradicate hunger and poverty in low-income neighborhoods

· Stimulate Environmental development, recycling, clean-water initiatives, & habitat restoration

· Research and education into CBD cannabidiol use and its effects

· Help end human trafficking

More than 133 million Americans, or 45 percent of the population, have at least one chronic condition. In 2017, the most recent year for which data are available, law enforcement agencies reported more than 1,200 cases of human trafficking in the United States. In 2018, 14.3 million American households were food insecure with limited or uncertain access to enough food. Data related to such issues compel us to think towards solutions to help reduce this rate through community efforts to help people sustain their livelihoods, providing proper nutrition education/resources and access to healthier food options and farmers markets in the community and to ultimately enrich the lives of the people we affect.

N.I.L Next In Line is a youth-based and driven initiative that tackles the challenges facing the generations of tomorrow head-on via Environmental Research, Youth Nutrition & Welfare; Wildlife Habitat Restoration, Preservation & Protection; Youth Abduction & Trafficking Prevention (P.A.A.K Program), Education & Research; Youth Drug Abuse Education, Prevention & Research; and others as we continue to evaluate and determine additional areas of need.

The NIL Initiative focuses on bringing change, not in words, but in action, in the communities, families, and people we work with.

G.2.G.B Grind to Give Back is a unique initiative that challenges Industry Professionals, Community Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Entertainers to donate their Time, Experience, and Education to a greater cause. This initiative is meant to Motivate, Inspire, and Strengthen the community through various seminars, pre-teen & teen mentoring programs, and community events. We challenge these professionals to come together and pool their vast knowledge and resources to help change lives and communities.