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We find talent, train talent and put talent to work.

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i.c.stars was established to create economic opportunity for underserved communities by bridging disconnected young adults with the high growth tech sector. 

Participants learn by doing; they build web based applications to solve client challenges - with coding, business, and leadership instruction provided along the way. They also gain the professional network needed to jumpstart their careers. The training begins with a four month internship, in which i.c.stars plants seeds of entrepreneurship through an emphasis on innovation, empowerment and a “maker’s mindset” and continues with 20 months of ongoing support.

i.c.stars’ approach is supported by 20 years of data: Our average initial placement rate is 90 percent, earnings increase is 300 percent, and industry retention is 80 percent at 12 months. 

The boost to social capital is significant: 100% of graduates have at least 125 LinkedIN connections, of those; 54% have 500 plus connections. Over 20 years, we’ve engaged more than 15,000 employers and tech practitioners - changing perceptions and practices around underserved talent - and connecting entrepreneurs and enterprise CIOs to the next generation of technology talent.