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Independence Village Inc

Independent living for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.


The Independence Village of Ozaukee County is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Ozaukee County that exists to establish supportive long-term, cost-effect, and cost-affordable housing for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities who have the skill set to live independently within a facility designed to support that independence. It is a living environment fostering the potential of each resident to self-actualize in a world where that is quite difficult for this population of adults. A secure and supportive residence is the foundation to facilitate community inclusion and involvement so residents can live lives that are meaningful with fulfillment. This facility will be licensed in the State of Wisconsin as Residential Care Apartment Complex under Wisconsin DHS statute 89.

Independence Village is designed to allow full community inclusion for the residents. Most of the residents would be employed and/or serve active roles within the community.

Independence Village has selected an existing building located within Ozaukee County, Wisconsin to repurpose with the goal of accommodating 40-80 residents for cost-affordable long-term housing.

We are fund-raising for $950,000.00 for the purchase of the entire campus that, in the addition existing space to be converted to efficiency, one bedroom or two-bedroom apartments with recreational space (indoor and outdoor). The cost of repurposing is a separate fund-raising effort.

Our efforts are outlined on the Facebook Page Independence Village of Ozaukee County.

We are grateful for any donation that will allow us this most critical phase in making Independence Village a reality. Thank you.