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Independence Seekers Project Inc.

Challenging Ableism, Redefining Community


The Independence Seekers Project was created in 2015 by a group of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. As of 2019, we serve 40 individuals with disablities all across the city of Louisville. We focus on mental health, education, and advocacy. We also offer group counseling and individual counseling. We are not a Medicaid provider, so we rely strictly on donations and grants. ISP recently received their nonprofit status in April. We rely mainly on individual donors because we want to empower our clients and change the systems that our clients are up against. We want to avoid a conflict of interest, therefore we do not take any Medicaid dollars because we want to be able to advocate on their behalf.  We will be assisting seven groups of Seekers at four different locations. We give people the tools to support their mental health and participate in civil engagement at no cost to them. It costs the organization $50 an hour to facilitate each of our groups. Please consider supporting the Seekers with a $50 donation.