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Independence Day for Domestic Violence Victims

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Families To Freedom Inc wrote -

Here’s a shocker: on average 39% of victims seeking shelter in Texas are denied due to a lack of space.* In Dallas, TX, 630 callers are denied shelter every month on average according to the Dallas Morning News (Oct. 2015). The problem isn’t shelters- they’re doing a great job. The problem is that there is too much domestic violence crime.

For most of us, Independence Day conjures thoughts of grilling foods, sparklers, fireworks, family gatherings, maybe a day off of work. For thousands, it’s the day they left an abusive relationship to start life over. Think of this as a personal independence day. But if there’s no shelter, what options do victims have of getting to safety?

At Families to Freedom, we’re helping victims become survivors by reuniting them with family for long-term support, or get to available shelter that’s too far away. Our transportation service has helped over 35 mothers traveling with nearly 50 children in just 8 short months. We’re a new nonprofit doing what nobody else is doing. We’re taking on the lack-of-shelter problem.

Thanks to donations from supporters (like you!), we cover the cost of the vehicle, the fuel, meals and overnight motel stays for those very long trips. This allows our clients to save what little money they have for restarting their new lives.

We need your help now to afford travel expenses. As you celebrate Independence Day with your friends and family, consider the impact you can have on someone’s life by supporting their ride to a new life without abuse. Your contribution TODAY helps us keep wheels rolling for those who wish for freedom from abuse.

Support 2 meals during travel - Give $20 or more for recognition on our website

Support a private car ride - Give $100 for the above plus admission to our big event in September in Dallas, TX

Support a long trip to freedom - Give $300 for the above plus a personal note of gratitude from a traveler whose ride to freedom you sponsored

Support a cross country trip for a mother and her children - Give $500 for the above plus an engraved dandelion keepsake as a token of gratitude for the wishes for freedom that you made come true

I would like to thank you for this opportunity. My family has been trying to get me to come home for years for fear of me coming up missing or dead. But I always felt I could handle myself until now. With me going back home I can go back to school because I have that support system that will help with the kids and give me that extra push to keep moving forward in life.” –N.C.

I can look forward to a brighter and better future. Without violence, without living in fear, without broken bones and bruises.” –A. S.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so all contributions are tax deductible. See our Financial Information page for details on how fund are used, a link to see our IRS Letter of Determination, and a link to see our IRS 990-N.

Visit our website for all the ins and outs about the service we provide and the impact we’re making on lives in our community.

*See the Texas Council on Family Violence website for this and other statistics about domestic violence:

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