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Bechol Derachecha Daayhu corporation

Providing mainstream yeshiva bochurim the opportunity of self education in order to lead more purposeful, meaningful, and calm lives through ahavas Hashem and his Torah

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My name is Heshy Gootblatt and I am learning in Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim.

I have often heard from other bochurim that they are interested in understanding more and in gaining a deeper connection to Yiddishkeit. These are good, mainstream bochurim who want to spend their free time finding answers to their questions and to expand their knowledge in areas of Torah, Hashkafa, Mussar, Chassidus and Halacha that they are unfamiliar with. However, many bochurim find it strenuous to read Hebrew sefarim while relaxing during their free time.

Fortunately, there are plenty of English sefarim available that discuss and delve into almost every topic in Yiddishkeit. Unfortunately, however, many bochurim still cannot access this wealth of Torah knowledge due to the high cost of English sefarim.

Because of this, I am raising the necessary funds to spearhead a free English sefarim lending library for the bochurim of Yerushalayim so that they can take a couple books to their dira, or spend their free  time relaxing with a sefer in a calm library atmosphere.

I am turning to you to ask if you'd like to share in this wonderful opportunity and be a sponsor of this Torah library, which will no doubt be a tremendous zechus for you and your family.