"Improve my son chance of surviving"

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The last 8 month have been a roller coaster ride that has no brake in between. What I mean by that is my wife had a very healthy pregnancy. We took all the proper precautions to make sure everything went smoothly.but during the deliver some mistake was made,several attempt have been made for us to let's it go and let's him die but as parent if you can answer to how you can let's you kid die after you just touch him and see him in front of you coming out i don't i have the stomach for that: needless to say i have except my situation and i am fighting to be the best father and husband that i can be: I am writing this today because i looking to improve my son chance of surviving not giving up: 4 month ago when he came home from the hospital all his medical equipment cause the apt to be very hot and the power keep cut off, we call the electric company and the say this would be something out landlord would have to fix; so i contact the landlord looking for a solution his promise that he could fix it no problem 31 days later still no fix,61 days after i got doctor document to supporting my cause: that still wasn't enough for him : finally had a conversation with the landlord to let's me break the least without any penalty after a couple of weeks of back and forth he agree: and gave me document that would allow me to move out on a certain date (Oct 1st-2015) or before 2015: 24 hours later he serve me with a 3 final days notice not from a judge , and tread to change the lock and citing off the function of the apt so that i would leave: I work and my wife was force to quite her job because of the condition my son is in, and it just been hard ,and being so young most people take young people this days for a joke, with me missing so many days from work dealing with Doctor visit and the landlord mis treatment: So i would love to have a house where i can provide for my family and not having to worry about the power going off : So i went to look up the average cost for a small house in palm beach county that's how i came up with this number: I know know my son surfer from what the call Cerebral palsy and this is what some Key Facts that i found online about it 1.CEREBRAL PALSY IS A PHYSICAL DISABILITY THAT EFFECTS MOVEMENT AND POSTURE 2.IN MOST CASES, BRAIN INJURY LEADING TO CEREBRAL PALSY OCCURS DURING PREGNANCY 3.CEREBRAL PALSY, EXCEPT IN ITS MILDEST FORMS, CAN BE EVIDENT IN THE FIRST 12–18 MONTHS 4.CHILDREN WITH CP ARE LIKELY TO ALSO HAVE OTHER IMPAIRMENTS IN ADDITION TO THEIR MOTOR DISABILITY 5.MOTOR DISABILITY CAN RANGE FROM MINIMAL TO PROFOUND 6.THE RATE OF DEPRESSION IS THREE TO FOUR TIMES HIGHER IN PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES SUCH AS CP 7.CP IS A CONDITION THAT IS PERMANENT, BUT NOT UNCHANGING 8.IT IS THE MOST COMMON PHYSICAL DISABILITY IN CHILDHOOD 9.THERE IS NO KNOWN CURE


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