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Immigrant Families Together Foundation

Reuniting and supporting immigrant families

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Immigrant Families Together Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, was founded in response to the inhumane immigration policies  separating families at the U.S./Mexico border.

We are dedicated to reuniting and supporting immigrant families separated at the US/Mexico border by paying bonds of adult family members who are detained in immigration prisons. We also give special consideration to those who are extremely ill and the vulnerable LGBTQ immigrants.

In addition to reuniting families, we provide programs of support and resources for families we reunite as they recover from their detention trauma and adjust to life in the US while their asylum cases are adjudicated. Immigrant Families Together also  has a  detention support program to provide a lifeline to those detained for commissary and phone calls. We also support our volunteers and partners on the border assisting immigrant families affected by the Remain in Mexico, Migrant Protection Protocols.

When the news broke about the hysterectomies alleged to have been conducted at Irwin, a detention center in Georgia, we were able to independently verify the accusations by listening to women IN Irwin, who were able to contact us because of the commissary funds made available to them through the detention support program. By sharing their stories, with their consent, with media and attorneys, through videos like this one for NowThis, the public is able to begin to grasp the scope and severity of what is happening inside detention facilities -- which, by the way, are paid for with your tax dollars.

Your support of IFT made the sharing of these women's experiences possible. Their courage in sharing them, in turn, has provoked the interest at the highest levels. It is our greatest hope that that interest will result in accountability. What has happened to these women is unpardonable and it is irreversible. But because of their courage and your support, we can work with organizational and governmental partners to ensure that more women aren't harmed.

We are unable to accept GA/FL/NC donations at this time, as our charity registration as a 501c3 in each of those states has not yet been finalized.