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Iu-mien Community Services

A vital resource to the greater Sacramento Iu Mien community since 1994.

www.iumiencommunityservices.org Tax ID 68-0364879


Our mission is to support and develop healthy Iu Mien families and communities through culturally responsive programs and services. We envision a thriving Iu Mien community in which its history is preserved, language is shared, culture is celebrated, and needs and aspirations are fulfilled.

Since 1994, Iu Mien Community Services (IMCS) has served as a vital resource to the greater Sacramento Iu Mien community. We provide professional social services to Iu Mien families that are culturally responsive in order to:

  • Celebrate and preserve Iu Mien culture and identity.
  • Engage in the accomplishment of economic self-sufficiency for Iu Mien refugees.
  • Facilitate access to high quality resources and vital education assistance for Iu Mien youth.
  • Address generational issues to support and sustain family stability.
  • Demonstrate the accomplishment of a healthy viable Iu Mien community that has the ability to successfully interact with the wider society.

Learn more about our programs and services at www.iumiencommunityservices.org.