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Institute for Advancements in Mental Health

Redesigning Society for Better Mental Health

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We support people with mental illness, innovate solutions to bring back to communities, and drive change for better mental health. Learn More

At IAM we are working to make the world a better place for those impacted by mental illness.

We use innovation to improve mental health care for people and our services draw on our 40 year experience in mental health care.

Built on our foundation of 40 years of providing mental health services and support to people impacted by mental illness, we know first-hand the struggles facing those living with and supporting those with serious mental health challenges.

At IAM, we envision a society that helps anyone impacted by mental health issues thrive. We call this vision redesigning society for better mental health. This means creating environments that are more inclusive, positive and accepting for people with mental illness, and within our innovation platform, partnering with others to create solutions that can improve mental wellbeing.