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Development of Least Developed Countries LDC's

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IAED International Agency for Economic Development

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note: old website http://www.iaed.net/ghana

IN 1994:  IAED went to Ghana, Africa to conduct our development program tailored to Ghana’s problems, "Africa’s First International Conference on Science & Technology to Speed Up a Least Developed Country" http://www.iaed.net/ghana  

IN 1999: The Mayor of Accra, Ghana, Africa was inside the UN ECOSOC Chamber where he told a room full of UN Ambassadors and Mayors from the LDC’s around the globe “If you want to get economic and social development in your countries, get Dr. Larry Gell. He did more for my country Ghana than the United Nations has done for Ghana since 1945.” Since 1990, I have devoted all my time, money, and experience (over 50 years international consulting eperience) to the one goal/mission of helping the LDC's develop, all out of my own funds. 

In February 2019:  100 wealthy Black Americans went to Ghana and raved over the country calling it the "best developed African country for tourism."  

I am now asking for other people to Donate funds and/or partner with IAED

Together we can change millions of lives and many LDC's around the Globe.  This is not a new idea. I have already done it and proved it can be done for countries and companies. You can have all my experience (70 + years of global consulting) in partnership with your funding. Currently I have 4 countries begging me to come help their country; Can easily get many more. Below is more of the story. Look for "24 to 12 then 24 to 48" in UN story below.)

MY single focused Goal/Mission since 1990: Help the Least Developed Countries develop themselves.  I am asking for donations of money and partnership with IAED proven successful country development projects to change millions of people’s lives for the better.  

Summary: 1990 till 2019  Non-profit charitable work for the UN and UN countries inside the UN and around the world out of my own funds, NO outside funding.   

Background experience: 

From 1958 to 1990:  Global experience consulting to military Generals and top Corporate Executives in the USA and worldwide, which has continued to this day.   

In 1990: I took all that experience, know-how, and money and decided to help the LDC’s Least Developed Countries with all my 32 years of business experience at the time (now 70 yrs), at no cost to them, FREE!.   

IN 1990: I started the non-profitIAED International Agency for Economic Development and went to the United Nations. Out of my own funds I worked inside the UN helping the NGOs and setting up the NGOs first Library of inside UN footage. Filmed weekly UN NGO Briefings in the UN Dag Hammarskjold Library. Many other projects were conducted for UN Ambassadors and Under-Secretary Generals and the Secretariat bodies.  Filmed and provided copies of special UN Meetings (even UN Prep-Coms) for heads of UN Departments. Ended my UN contributions in 2015 all at no charge to anybody in the UN including the UN Ambassadors.   

IN 1994: I went to Ghana, Africa and ran “Africa First International Conference on Science & Technology to Speed up a Least Developed Country.”No charge to Ghana.  I knew it was highly successful and was planning to run more conferences in other LDC’s Least Developed Countries in Africa. President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni asked me to run my development program in Uganda right away. But, upon my return to the USA and the UN, I was asked to film INSIDE the UN by both the Secretary General of the UN and his Under-Secretary General for the DPI-Department of Public Information. At that point, I started filming from 9AM to closing 5 and 6 days a week. UN-SG Boutros Boutros-Ghali encouraged, supported and protected my filming for four years. Next SG Kofi Annan tolerated it for two years then had it canceled. However, the UN Ambassadors learned to trust me and asked me to continue filming them in one hour interviews. In all, I filmed weekly for a total of 20 years. I created a weekly one hour UNTV broadcast and worldwide web stream of “INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS: The Global Issues” My UN video Library is unique in the world. Hundreds of video tapes and thousands of hours of recordings. I am willing to sell the complete Library to the right organization (preferable a university of international diplomacy) and people, for the right price.   

IN 1996: I went to Libya and convinced the Prime Minster Muammar Al Gadhafi and his top leader Dr. Ali Abdu Treki to open up Libya for the USA and peace.  Dr. Treki took my ideas and plan to develop Libya and Africa and open up relations with the USA, and eventually became President of the UN General Assembly in 2009.   

IN 1999:  I went to Iran and ran “Iran’s First International Conference on Aging.”I filmed the whole conference and donated it to the UN’s Department of Aging for their Library. I got the First Lady of Iran to open up a dialog with the First Lady of USA and be helpful to our invasion of Afghanistan. No cost to Iran or the USA.   

IN 1999:  The Mayor of Accra, Ghana, Africa inside the UN ECOSOC Chamber told a room full of UN Ambassadors and Mayors from the LDC’s around the globe “If you want to get economic and social development in your countries, get Dr. Larry Gell. He did more for my country Ghana than the United Nations has done for Ghana since 1945.”  

IN 2000:  I am ready with my money and contacts to go around the world to help the LDC’s and my wife becomes ill with FTD Frontal Temporal Lobe Degeneration/Dementia and loses all her motor skills and language skills. She is on a bed 24/7 and I keep her in my bedroom and take care of her for 15 years all by myself even though all MD Dr.’s said “she can’t live more than two years.”   

IN 2009: I go to Oman to help business people and give Oman a plan, under a signed contract, to speed up their development through my idea for tourism. They used my idea/suggestion, never paid me a penny of my signed contract. Oman is benefiting immensely from my idea they stole even today, which will continue for years for them.   

IN 2015: My wife dies and I sell my NY City apartment, invest $250,000 of my own money to set up IAED structure, webs,etc and get 501c3 IRS status to be able to ask for other people’s funds and help.   

IN 2019  (currently today): Now I am waiting for a knee replacement. I am in perfect health, strong and ready for travel. LOOKING FORWARD TO GOING TO HELP MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND SOME OF THE LEAST DEVELOPED COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD before I die.   President Donald Trump said inside the UN General Assembly in September 2018, “The only way to stop immigration into the developed countries is to start developing the undeveloped countries." I have been saying that since 1990 and more importantly…I have been doing just that all by myself and with my own money and time since 1990.   

1990 to 2019 JUST THINK!   If I could do all that (and more) out of my own personal funds. Just think what we could do around the world with a small amount of funds from wealthy corporations and individuals and my proven experience in developing countries, improving millions of lives and getting people and countries to learn to love the USA.   Let’s “Make America Great Again” in the eyes of millions of people living in undeveloped countries around the globe. We just might help, in some small way, to extend the life of the USA’s future in the history books a couple more years.    

Carpe Diem! Please help us now. Partner with us with your money and time.   I will prove to you that you can touch and change millions of lives in a big positive way. It will improve America’s image around the world. It will help America’s future, our people, and America’s businesses. I guarantee!! Tremendous benefits for such a small price.   Addendum: Yes, many organizations and induvial’s go to LDC’s to help in the ways they know how. Some give their money, time, build schools, churches hospitals, homes, provide medical assistance etc. all of which is wonderful. Professors write books on Sustainable Economic and Social Development while teaching students in colleges and lecturing at the UN. But, can you tell me who has gone to an LDC and showed the people how to solve their own problems and develop themselves? To date only Dr. Larry T. Gell.   

Global Development Facts: The United Nations in 1970 formed a new office (LDC Center) in Nepal. The UN identified 24 LDC’s and promised to set a goal to reduce the 24 to 12 in 10 years (by 1980). As of 2018 they had not met their stated goals of “24 to 12 in 10 years” but instead had actually increased them from 24 to 48. There was one country Costa Rica recently moved off the LDC List to a DC Developing Country status. While sounding good, most DC’s wake up in massive debt and challenging problems, as is Costa Rica today.   I say “They don’t know how to do it!” You might ask yourself, what do you think? If they knew how to do it, don’t you think they would have done it by now?  I can tell you exactly why they don’t know how to do it. Better still, I can also prove I know how to do it, and have already done it. I want to do more… save more countries and help millions of people develop their own countries and improve their lives.

September 25, 2018:  President Donald J. Trump said inside the United Nations General Assambly on September 25, 2018, "Ultimately, the only long-term solution to the migration crisis is to help people build more hopeful futures in their home countries. MAKE THEIR COUNTRIES GREAT AGAIN."

Will you help by donating and or partnering with IAED?  Let's make some countries love America!