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I needed to do SOMETHING.

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Jacquelyn Cheng wrote -

Most days this week, I've woken up in a dull panic. I know many of you have, too. This America, defined by fear, cruelty, and selfishness, is not one I recognize. Today's news hit home in a really personal way.

During my first year of college, I interned with the International Rescue Committee, helping newly arrived refugees rebuild their lives in the United States. Each one of them had endured the kind of hardship you and I can only imagine. And yet, they were some of the kindest, hardest working, and most resilient people I have ever met. I was grateful and proud that our country could be their new home.

Here's the cold, hard truth: If we turn our backs on innocent Syrian children, we can no longer claim the moral high ground. If we turn our backs on the Iraqis who risked their lives to help our soldiers, we can no longer claim to be a nation that keeps its word. If we turn our backs on any group because of race or religion, we can no longer claim to be any better than the regimes they are fleeing.

This evening, I opened up my computer to donate to the IRC, and saw that many friends and family were searching for something — anything — they could do to combat the injustices of our current administration. So I thought I'd start with this fundraiser, in hopes that my donation might spark a few more.



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