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I Come To Talk Story

Work w/us to create 1 earth science, saving all life...

https://www.ictts.org Tax ID 51-0588120


                                                                                Humanity has solutions, w/your help

    ` i come to talk story, is a US 501.c3 nonprofit association, and we are transitioning as we share these solutions, w/all to efficiently create a means for all to create mindfully with them! 

      Please welcome your students to walk by your side, make space part time to self reflect, explore, finding  your space to enter, as together all prioritize ridding toxic from earth-space! Defining where to start and how? Saving the complex life that sustains us all!

                                                                                     No more can any just live local!

      Then via networking, simultanously do one's local plans w/neighbors, as students  focus direct w/you, using your community's as extended classrooms, co-evolving curriculums, while all restore ecological enhanced sustaining healthy working communities, using agroecological systems!     

 This is the best education, tourism, and peace platform w/skilled intermediaries guiding  us all!

       We all just need to organize to link and share, and now you can help create this efficient package we are working on in link below, so all are able to gather w/communities and allow a simplified over view, to present itself. As you can become a rep in interchangeable roles w/your community members, to make it happen!

                                                      This way no one is left behind, as we celebrate along the way!

  Peace is real, accept nothing else, than good calm creative communication to make it happen!

Thank you and come in, as together we can end these scars for ever!

kara, speaking for our combined `effects...