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Hyper IgM Foundation

Help Cure Hyper IgM Syndrome

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Your support will enable the Hyper IgM Foundation to fulfill its mission to improve the treatment, quality of life and the long term outlook for children and adults living with Hyper IgM through research, support, education, and advocacy. 

Hyper IgM Syndrome is a very rare disease that affects only 1 in 1,000,000 individuals. Those living with Hyper IgM face a significantly shortened life span, multiple hospitalizations, and a high risk of secondary cancers.  The only known potential cure is a bone marrow transplant.  The Hyper IgM Foundation has been working with doctors and experts around the world to better understand the disease and to improve quality of life for the patients.  The Hyper IgM Foundation serves as a resource to these families and their physicians to guide them in preventative care, treatment and diagnosis, connects families living with Hyper IgM, and provides information about cutting edge treatments.  We thank you for your support and invite you to stay up-to-date on the Foundation’s efforts by connecting with us on facebook by liking the Hyper IgM Foundation facebook page, www.facebook.com/HyperIgMFoundation, and by visiting our website, www.hyperigm.org.