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Kindness, justice and mercy to all living things. HSNT is passionate about helping animals in need. Founded in 1905 the Humane Society of North Texas is the largest and longest standing non-profit animal rescue and adoption organization in North Texas. HSNT serves over 25,000 animals annually through its crucial programs including; emergency animal rescue, humane investigations, low-cost spay and neuter services, a feral cat TNR program, owner surrenders, lost and found services, and the adoptions of dogs, cats, horses, livestock, small mammals, reptiles, and more. HSNT has four adoption centers throughout the Metroplex including its main location in the heart of Fort Worth at 1840 East Lancaster Avenue. HSNT's mission is to act as an advocate on behalf of all animals and to ensure their legal moral and ethical consideration and protection to provide for the well-being of animals who are abandoned, injured, neglected, mistreated, or otherwise in need; to promote an appreciation of animals; and to instill respect for all living things.

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