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Serving Animals in Harrison Co WV Since 1959!

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The Humane Society of Harrison County is a non-profit organization, and a separate entity from the Harrison County Animal Control Center. It is our mission to rescue animals left at the Animal Control Center and prepare them for adoption within a loving and safe home. With this comes ensuring the animals are vaccinated and dewormed, as well as spayed or neutered (in accordance with state law). We are fortunate to have an on- site spay/neuter suite and an in-house vet that does this for us.We are strictly a "no kill" facility. In other words, we keep our animals at our shelter until a good home is found. Destroying animals is not our solution to the overpopulation problem. For every animal that we place into a home, we rescue another from Animal Control. We make every effort to match the pet to the best family for that pet.. It is our dream to be able to save and house all the animals before they are euthanized at the Animal Control Center. It may seem like an impossible task, but it is our goal.We also believe in educating the public concerning sterilization programs and developing humane attitudes towards animals, eliminate cruelty, find permanent homes for pets, and provide emergency medical assistance (when funding is available)