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A Small Shelter with a Big Heart

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In February of 1979 HSNBA was granted non-profit status by the state of Texas. We've worked diligently as the only animal welfare group in the City of New Braunfels since then. Currently, we're the only open intake facility for our area and function as the official holding facility for the City of New Braunfels, Comal County, and the City of Marion animal controls. While we do have contracts with those organizations, the payment for the impound of animals only really covers the time we wait for their owners to come forward, time after that and preparation for adoption is funded almost entirely by citizens and supporters like you.


Most people remember the "old shelter" behind the Burger King on Kuehler, a location that has many memories for us. It is a brand new day at HSNBA though, and we've got a new facility off of Morningside Dr near Reuckle Rd. This new facility will hopefully be our home for a long time so we can continue caring for the animals of our community. With a change in leadership came a constant improvement in the levels of care we provide for the animals. We pride ourselves on being a "Small Shelter with a Big Heart" and want to be the animal shelter our community deserves, the best shelter we can be for New Braunfels!