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Humane Horse Gathers Inc

Brining state-of-the-art welfare to wild and domestic horses.

http://www.humanehorsehandling.org Tax ID 82-2436801


Humane Horse Gathers Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit, is currently doing business as Humane Horse Handling.  

We work to improve the care and handling of wild and domestic horses through research, education, and application of equine behavior and welfare science. Our goal is to demonstrate that low stress, science informed handling and gathering of wild horses is a key factor for sustainable management. We intend to work with advocates and government agencies, with a focus on horse welfare.

Our current goal is to raise $150,000 to complete our inaugural low stress drone gather project.  With your financial support, we will use drones to lead a herd of wild horses into a corral, document the process and create an educational video showing how low stress handling and gathering methods can be used in effective wild horse and rangeland management.  Help us show the world that low stress wild horse gathers and handling are viable alternatives to fear based methods!

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