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Here There and Everywhere Inc

here there and EVERYwhere (htE) is a nonprofit, repurposed goods platform that provides survivors of economic hardships, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking with an avenue for creative expression.

https://www.hteverywhere.com/ Tax ID 47-2630489


Domestic violence disproportionately affects women and children; annually in the US, 50,000 people are trafficked in. Income instability and limited education can further increase the odds of violence. Counseling provided at shelters is critical,  assuming a survivor utilizes one, but in New York City, there is a three-month limit - not long enough to forgo trauma.

While it’s hard for anyone to express their authentic selves, those who have gone through abuse or live in unfavorable circumstances find it even harder. Here There and EVERYwhere aspires to create opportunities and resources for survivors of economic hardships, domestic abuse, sexual assault, gender-based violence, and human trafficking.

Our workshop cycles serve as art therapy, education and entrepreneurship lessons, designed to teach survivors how to repurpose items such as scrap fabric, beads, and craft materials into new one-of-a-kind products. 100% of the profits go to the survivor, which increases financial stability and confidence, and items that may have once ended in the waste stream are given a new life.

Using a transparent relationship-building tool called the htE Dove, donors and conscious shoppers are able to track non-monetary item donations and watch them become repurposed into new designs by survivors residing in New York City.

The end product is a culmination of creativity, catharsis, and dedication. By providing survivors with an outlet for expression and the opportunity to discover a source of financial stability, we aim to reduce the risk of future violence and increase independence.

Our mission is to empower survivors of economic hardships, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking through creative expression, entrepreneurialism, and community engagement. Through our programs, survivors are encouraged to spread their wings here, there, and EVERYwhere.