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EVENT DATE: May 27, 2017

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jul 08, 2017

My name is Eric Vernsten and I am raising money to fight cancer by training to qualify for the 101st Annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on the 4th of July.

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of when my Mother, Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've lost my Grandfather and my Aunt Mary to cancer as well. Luckily, she had early detection, wonderful doctors, and some good luck and 20 years later I still have a wonderful Mother who has done more good for this world in her time here than I can ever imagine trying to do. This is about raising money to provide other people 20 years with their Mom, or give their child a full life on this Earth. The hot dogs are my unique way of trying to accomplish this. People run marathons and support the fight of cancer fundraising in many ways, I wanted to try something different to capture people’s attention.

Now that I have your attention, my goal is to raise $10,000 by May 27th and  $1,000,000 by July 4th towards cancer research! Every family has their own story about cancer. The 3 teams below represent my best attempt to let everyone donate for their story, for their family, for their cause. As the donations reach the goal, I will continue to raise it! Please feel free to pick one of the below charities to give to, and leave a comment if you'd like as well. We are all in this together! If you want to donate to all three, I'm sure everyone will be ok with it :)

We can’t get there without your help!  I will post weekly how many practice hot dogs I eat per week and solicit donations ($1 dollar per 1 dog), now through my Qualifier in Charlotte, NC on May 27th. If I can win my qualifier, then I will move on to Coney Island and the grand stage on July 4th.


As a disclaimer, I am doing this on my own and I am not being sponsored by Major League Eating or their partners.