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Hospitality Life Inc (Hospitality Life)

We are serving the hospitality industry by communicating value to serve those who serve us. We are able to accomplish this through support, resources and programs that provide hope and help!

https://hospitalitylife.org Tax ID 81-3566480


It’s time to serve those who have served us for so long!

While these are unprecedented times for every industry and walk of life, we are especially compassionate for our brothers and sisters in the food & beverage industry where an economic tsunami just hit!

“We Need Your Help”!!!

We are raising money to provide food for those in our industry who have been hit the hardest. Think about how often you go out to eat and the tips you leave? Now consider giving a virtual tip to support Hospitality Life a 501C3 Non Profit started by two local Brevard County restaurant owners, Buz Underill with Squid Lips and Chris Conneen with Pizza Gallery & Grill and 28 North Gastropub. Hospitality Life’s mission and purpose is to provide resources that will “Serve Those Who Serve Us”.

Here is how your virtual tip will work.

1. We have a couple restaurants that will prepare hot meals every day for hospitality employees who are in need.

2. We are asking hospitality workers to present a recent pay stub in exchange for this meal.

3. 100% of your donation will go to purchase the products, prepare and distribute these FREE meals.

4. Every one of your dollars can be tripled in value when it comes to food cost.

5. We can feed an individual or a family, a nutritionally balanced meal for under $2 per person.

The Challenge is BIG, but Our Community IS BIGGER…Let’s Do This!!!

We estimate there are over 300+ restaurants in Brevard along with hundreds of hotels. This equates to over 10,000+ employees, most of which are unemployed as of today. The unfortunate reality is that most of these service industry people were not prepared to go without income for a few days, let alone a few weeks.

We can make a difference in our community. 

Think about your favorite hospitality establishment. The joy it brings to gather with friends and family, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or promotions. How about the catering team that helped produce the “Best Day Ever” for your daughter’s wedding or the room service that made you feel like a king and queen while you were on vacation at a beach front hotel. Servers who love to make their guest smile, cooks who are passionate about preparing amazing food and the entire team who cleans up after us. 

I bet you have a favorite server who knows what you are allergic to or favorite bartender who makes your drink perfectly and has it waiting as you sit down. 

The Hospitality Industry and its people are a meaningful part of ourcommunity and they NEED OUT HELP NOW!!!