Home of the Sparrow Inc

Home of the Sparrow Inc
Home of the Sparrow Inc
GoFundMe Charity : Sep 27, 2010
Tax ID: 36-3494491
BASED: McHenry, IL, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: www.h-o-s.org

Our Mission

To provide Hope, Opportunity and Support that empowers women and children on their journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

<p>In December of 1986, Home of the Sparrow opened its first shelter home in McHenry, Illinois.  Opening the shelter was in response to a growing need for assistance for women who were homeless in McHenry County. The combined efforts of local churches and individuals resulted in the establishment of the McHenry County Interfaith Shelter Program, which later became Home of the Sparrow.</p> <p>Today, Home of the Sparrow, Inc. (HOS)  is the only agency in McHenry County that exclusively serves homeless or imminently homeless women and their children with the goal of helping them reach self-sufficiency and permanent housing. The number of  individuals served grows each year in keeping with increased needs. In 2014, HOS served 224 women and children; in 2015, that number was 553; in 2016, HOS served 831 individuals. Not to mention, 74 percent of those individuals exited HOS programs into permanent housing.</p> <p>Women who come to HOS are generally single, pregnant, and accompanied by their children. Approximately 70 percent have domestic violence in their history. At any given time, up to 65 percent of the transitional shelter residents are children. Reasons for homelessness inlcude domestic violence, unforseen housing or financial crisis, a death in the family, or a medical emergency. The weak economy and rising cost of living over the past years contribute to unstable housing situations.</p> <p>HOS housing programs include transitional shelter, transitional apartments, affordable housing with supportive services, and rapid rehousing. The transitional shelter has nine dorm rooms with the capacity to house up to 51 women and and their children. The shelter also has four independent living units suitable for women who have adolescent age boys; these two-bedroom units have the capacity to house up to 14 individuals. HOS transitional apartments have a capacity to fill up to 15 beds.  The number of affordable housing units with supportive services is 19, with up to 60 beds. The Rapid ReHousing Program, which by-passes the transitional shelter to take families from homelessness directly into an appartment, served 17 families—66 individuals—during Fiscal Year 2016. Families referred to the Rapid ReHousing Program have employment, but they may have experienced a life-event that put them in financial jeopardy. Therefore, by simply providing temporary support, the family will not have to fall into the downward spiral of homelessness.</p> <p>Program staff work with each woman to create a comprehensive, individualized plan that targets the long term goal of self-sufficiency and outlines the steps necessary to get there.  All women and children receive services that focus on treating the whole person and identifying the need for medical and mental health interventions to elminate barriers to achieving the goals of employment, finanacial stability, and permanent housing. Children who enter HOS have often experienced trauma and have mental and physical health concerns. </p> <p>HOS therapist and case manager services include assistance in the following areas:</p> <p> •    Complex trauma interventions and mental health services</p> <p>•     Trauma recovery services (such as Child-Parent Psychotherapy and the Incredible Years)</p> <p>•     Case management</p> <p>•     Financial management and budgeting training</p> <p>•     Life and parenting skills training</p> <p>•     Career planning and training, including help with attaining a GED</p> <p>•     Job readiness/retention, including advocacy to link individuals with jobs, assistance with resume writing and interviewing skills </p> <p>•     Linkage to community resources</p> <p>•     Individual, Family and Group Counseling/Therapy</p> <p>•     Childcare and transportation support</p> <p>•     Basic needs assistance (clothing, hygiene supplies, furniture upon move-out, etc.)</p> <p>•     Grant-funded direct client assistance programs for fitness, physical health treatment and "return- to-work " child-care</p> <p>•     Aftercare services are also available for program graduates. The clinical team works with clients to determine an appropriate level of aftercare services.</p> <p>Home of the Sparrow’s Outreach and Prevention Program was added in 2014 with the goal of assisting callers to retain housing or to be linked with safe housing as they struggle for self-sufficiency. During the 2015 fiscal year, this program helped 336 individuals. In the 2016 fiscal year, HOS reached its goal of serving over 500 individuals and preventing them from becoming homelessness. Also, knowing  that employment is a crucial component of  self-sufficiency, in 2015 HOS piloted an Education and Employment program focused on helping women overcome barriers to employment uniquely experiened by persons who are homeless and/or dealing with complex trauma. The ultimate objective of these services is for each person who is successfully served through these services becomes a contributing member of the community rather than drawing on community resources.</p> <p>A recent award from Shaw Media was given to Home of the Sparrow. HOS was recognized as <em>Nonprofit of the Year.</em></p>

Tax ID: 36-3494491 • www.h-o-s.org


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