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MESA MEDIA INC's Fundraiser:

Hopi itam yu'a'atotani! Hopi Language Alive Again!



Mesa Media Inc.'s mission is to revitalize Hopi language. We want to hear people of all ages speaking Hopi in daily life. A 2005 language survey showed that less than 5% of Hopi people under the age of 20 speak fluent Hopi. Our goal is to raise money to create and publish a Hopi language textbook that can be used all around the world. No longer do Hopi people live solely on the Hopi Mesas in northern Arizona. They live and work in cities all around the globe. With this, many Hopi people are no longer fluent speakers. Beginning in 1860, Hopi and other native children were forcibly taken away from their families to attend boarding schools. Over 100 years later in 1978, parents finally gained the legal right to deny the placement of their children in off-reservation schools. This 100 year strategy of assimilation has had deep impacts. Hopi people are not speaking their native language. They did not grown up with the teachings of the elders, who used to spend each day with them. They do not comprehend the deep metaphors contained in Hopi words and phrases. In Hopi thought, the continuation of Hopi culture depends on people’s ability to speak Hopi. Mesa Media addresses the need for rapid language learning by creating and producing CDs, DVDs, books and posters that celebrate Hopi language and culture. Now we want to put this all together into a full textbook and curriculum. Mesa Media is a Hopi-led 501 (c) (3) non-profit. Askwali! Thank you for you support!




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