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Hopewell Music Cooperative-North

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Hopewell is the only nonprofit music school in North Minneapolis. Research shows that learning music facilitates learning in other subjects as students are 'learning a new way to learn'. Hopewell is serving the underserved youth of North Minneapolis, fostering the ability to develop musically, academically, socially, and emotionally through the study of music. Hopewell now offers an intern program where students who excel in music can learn to teach with the help of staff mentors. All students at Hopewell receive free or reduced price lessons. 

Mission Statement: Through our programming and outreach work, we strengthen the community by promoting acceptance, cooperation, and pride within our students, partners and community. Our commitment to openness and accessibility as teachers and musicians fosters an attitude of acceptance within our students and ensembles. Their willingness to share and listen brings about acceptance to others as members of different backgrounds come to understand that their differences serve to strengthen the collective. This cooperation to work together towards a shared goal builds camaraderie within the school as students learn quickly to work as a team yet effectively voice their opinion. They learn that both sharing and listening are necessary for the group to succeed and that their participation and preparation is what makes the group improve. Hopewell student pride is instilled when their goal is reached and then demonstrated in the community.


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