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This is Stephanie. She is only 21 years young, sweet, loving, and brings a smile to everybody around. Anyone that knows her will tell you that she doesn't deserve the pain that she is going through. Nobody this friendly, cheerful. and outgoing should ever have to suffer through the surgeries and the hospitalizations and the vast number of other complications that are keeping her from accomplishing her dreams to finish out school and start her own business. Yet, somehow, she still manages to stay strong and keep a good attitude towards the reality she faces as if there is nothing in her way at all. The flowers, cards, visits, and other gifts are very well appreciated but she really needs help in one category more than others, financially. Insurance is pretty bad will not cover everything. In fact, insurance is beginning to cover less and less. Right now, she is still trying to pay off the surgery she had over a year ago to remove a tumor on her chest that might be growing back as your reading this. More tumors are developing and getting out of control because she can not afford the treatments she needs to stop them. A tumor growing in the wrong place could shut down parts of her body and kill her!

Why is this happening?
Stephanie has been fighting Type one Neurofibromatosis her whole life. This is a rare genetic disease that causes painful tumors to grow on her nerves. This results in extreme pain and other complications. Now that she is in her early 20's, things have been gradually getting worse for her. She is developing a painful tumor under her ribcage that needs to be removed before its to late. Other tumors are causing her to slowly lose her vision in one eye, cause her to get dizzy spells, lose balance, constant all-over pain, muscle spasms, and more. It is believed that there is a tumor growing on an optical nerve that is leading to a loss of vision and there may be one growing somewhere on the spine. She is most likely going to have to have to undergo painful and expensive radiation because cutting into the spinal area is to risky and could leave her with worse medical problems than she already has. Stephanie may need other things like surgery, medication, or physical therapy to battle these effects and they need to be done before anything gets to a point where it can't be undone. EVERY DAY WE WAIT IT ONLY GETS WORSE AND WORSE! PLEASE HELP US GET HER TREATMENT FAST!! We are all praying and asking for your help to get us to our goal to help fight this disease. Every dollar adds up and is appreciated greatly. If you are unable or unwilling to help financially, please forward this in your email or post on your Facebook, twitter, etc.. to help spread to people who are able to help financially. It is possible to beat this, but we can't do it without your help, Thank you!



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