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Creating awareness and educating our future animal advocates by involving them now.

www.ahope4src.com Tax ID 82-2587109


A HOPE for Santa Rosa County is a local non profit formed to reduce euthanasia rates at our local animal shelter.  In the absence of a low cost clinic in Santa Rosa County and an extremely long wait in neighboring Escambia County, A HOPE is doing an amazing job in working with Operation Spay Bay, a low cost clinic in Panama City, providing reduced cost spay/neuter and vaccination services to the community.  Twice monthly, community cats and companion animals are transported to Panama City for surgeries and returned at the end of the day. A HOPE also provides overnight boarding the night prior to transport (at no cost). To date, A HOPE has sent over 1100 community animals for spay/neuter services, help end breed discrimination at the local shelter, and activate Trap/Neuter/Return county wide.   So many need their help!

A HOPE has big dreams for Santa Rosa County to bring positive change for the betterment of the community and its animals.  

“A HOPE” stands for Animal Health Outreach Prevention Education