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Hood Medicine Initiative, Inc

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Hood Medicine Initiative, Inc. is a nonprofit public health collective made up of scientists, hackers, and other assorted geeks dedicated to protecting black and brown lives during the pandemic and beyond. Our mission is improving the health of minority communities across the nation. We are compelled to use science for good--it is what we were trained to do!

Our mission is to make sure there is a trusted voice for these communities to explain the medical science behind the coronavirus pandemic, help them understand the vaccines and their purpose, and all the social distancing recommendations that will help people make the right choices to keep their families safe. Our staff scientists work diligently to create scientific communications and community-focused infographics to keep underserved populations informed about the coronavirus pandemic and help them understand the risks, the recommendations, and the actions they should take to keep their loved ones safe. 

In addition to vital information, Hood Medicine is also developing sustainable programming to provide tangible resources to families in need. We are building community partnerships with other organizations aligned to our purpose to ensure equitable access to health care, nutritional health, personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies and other resources that will help underserved populations meet the challenges of the pandemic. Our funding goals are centered around implementing innovative technological solutions for increasing food security and nutritional equity in struggling communities.