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Honor Wellness Center Incorporated

Caring for first responders, veterans and their families

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At Honor Wellness Center, our focus is helping public safety First Responders and Veterans (police, fire, corrections, military, dispatchers and EMS) to find their path in celebrating life and creating a "new normal". 

We are providing outpatient client-centered, culturally competent, and holistic individual, family and group treatment utilizing evidenced based practices in order to address the first responder’s addiction, mental health and/or trauma issues. 

We recognize that mental health, trauma, and addictions can be chronic and progressive which deeply impacts not only the first responder, but for their entire family system as well. 

We strive to guide each first responder, including their family, throughout the recovery process with the goal of living life to its fullest potential, managingaddiction, managing the effects of cumulative trauma and learning to manage and live with mental health challenges.

We are currently working toward licensure to also provide an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for public safety first responders and veterans. 

Our Services will include:

Three or five day, 8-10 week intensive outpatient treatment program (depending upon first responder need and insurance approval) to address assessed mental health, trauma and/or addictions issue(s). 

Addictions treated for first responders include substance abuse, gambling, and sex and love.

Each 8-10 week program will include individual and group-based counseling occurring with a 3-4 hour model each day.

Each IOP session will be conducted by a Master's level clinician as well as a recovered first responder (as available).

Each IOP session will include (but not limited to): Daily check ins, Educational Lectures, Addiction Recovery Groups, Trauma Recovery Groups, a Weekly choice of Yoga, Acupuncture, or Massage therapy, and Relapse Prevention Groups. 

Intervention services also include:

1.         Peer-to-peer group counseling

2.         Occupational stress management

3.         Addiction education

4.         Workplace re-entry plans

5.         Case-managed follow-up care with referrals as needed for continuing outpatient counseling treatment. There will be a specialized clinician referral network for first responders who can see each client at the Center or in their own practice location.

6.         Specialized programming for first responders.

7.         Accommodating schedule for shift work.

8.         Additional services offered on site.

9.         On site prescriber will be available for medication evaluation and management.

10.       Family Education and support.

Each outpatient counseling session will be billed to the first responder's insurance or previously designated payer source.

Ancillary services also offered (outside of those included in the program schedule):

Massage therapy will be offered at an additional cost.Acupuncture will be offered at an additional cost.

Yoga classes will be offered at an additional cost.

Upon completing the Intensive Outpatient program, every client should have an understanding of:            

a. Relapse Prevention and personalized options for Coping Skills            

b. Managing Urges and Cravings through Identification of Triggers            

c. Brain Chemistry of Addiction, Mental Health diagnoses,  and Trauma            

d. Progression of the Disease of Addiction            

e. Introduction to the 12 Steps of Recovery and First Responder-specific recovery groups            

f. Spirituality            

g. Stages of Grief and Change            

h. Trauma Management            

 i. Suicide Awareness and Prevention             

j. Anger management             

k. Family Education and healing relationships

Learn more on our website:  http://www.honorwellness.org