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Homeward Pet Adoption Center

Homeward Pet's mission is to transform the lives of cats and dogs in need through compassionate medical care, positive behavior training, and successful adoption while building a more humane community.

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Homeward Pet Adoption Center was founded in 1990 as Hooterville Pet Safehaus. Our founder, Peggy Barnish, established Hooterville with the belief that there could be an animal shelter where euthanasia was a last resort – used only to ease suffering from injury or illness – and every adoptable animal would eventually find their forever home. In the first year of operation, we found new homes for 350 cats and 20 dogs (all adopted out of foster care, as we didn’t yet have the space to house available dogs).

We’re still small, with a staff of just 27 full and part-time employees. Our nearly 400 volunteers remain the backbone of our shelter – and the heart. Thanks to our volunteers, many of the rescued animals who come to Homeward Pet get more love and attention than they’ve ever known before, which is what it’s always been about. And thanks to the generous, ongoing support of our donors, sponsors and partners, our shelter continues to grow and improve. Drop by for a visit and get to know us even better!


Our primary goal is to find new, permanent homes for every homeless dog and cat we take in.  Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced at helping to match adopters and pets based on lifestyle, experience, the needs of the animal, and other important factors.  We have a very open adoption process, and do our best to provide our adopters the information and assistance they need to make each adoption a success.  Through our Adopter Support program, we offer advice and professional services to ensure that every adopted animal has a successful transition into a permanent, loving home.


We partner with shelters and rescue groups throughout Washington state (and sometimes beyond) and families in the community that can no longer care for their dog or cat, to provide homeless, abandoned, unwanted and sometimes abused animals a second chance at a healthy, happy life with a caring family. For animals that may not be good candidates for adoption, we work to find alternatives including sanctuary and hospice care.

Veterinary Care

Upon arrival, every animal receives a full medical evaluation. Homeward Pet’s veterinary team provides appropriate treatments, vaccinations and surgeries for each adoptable animal to be as healthy as possible.  We spay/neuter and microchip every animal prior to adoption, helping to prevent more animals from ending up in shelters.  We also partner with local veterinary clinics to be able to provide even more extensive procedures and surgeries to our animals.

Behavior and Training

Our  behavior and training programs are overseen by our Animal Behavior Manager, a certified pet trainer. While at Homeward Pet, dogs that have behavioral issues receive daily positive training from our Dog Behavior Team. Dog Kennel Enrichment Program gives our dogs extra opportunities for socialization, playdates, quiet time and more. Free training classes from Doggy Haven Resort are included with every dog and puppy adoption. Dogs over 6 months of age receive a behavior assessment before being available for adoption.

For cats, 0ur staff includes recent graduates of the Humane Society of the United States/Pet Help Partners Cat Behavior Class.  The Homeward Pet Cat Behavior Team provides our cats with extra socialization, training and play therapy.  

Volunteering and Foster Care

Homeward Pet simply could not survive without the help of dedicated, caring animal lovers who generously volunteer at the shelter each week. Socializing kittens, walking dogs, answering phones, helping to keep our facility clean, or opening their homes to provide foster care, our volunteers improve the quality of life for our dogs and cats while they await adoption. Learn more about volunteering at Homeward Pet. We support high school requirements for community service.

Community Programs

Homeward Pet is dedicated to helping our community by offering pet services to those in need. Our Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic provides affordable surgeries for pet owners, helping to reduce the number of unwanted pets in our community. The Homeward Pet Food Bank provides pet food and supplies to needy families, lending a hand to help keep pets in their homes.

Continued Care

Homeward Pet can help pet owners plan for their pet’s welfare in the event of an owner’s illness or death. Through our Companion Legacy Program, a dog or cat will enter our adoption program, and we will ensure that they are well cared for while we find their new home.