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Homes 4 My Peeps

It all starts at home.

www.homes4mypeeps.org Tax ID 20-8513324


We are a Grass Roots 501c3 non-profit organization.

Our mission is to provide green and sustainable housing solutions to blighted communities.

By offering D.I.Y.  Workshops we aim to Inspire, Inform, Equipt, Educate, and Empower the neighborhoods to create a Sustainable Community

Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) Workshops, Programs and Services are as follows however not limited to: 

Workshops:  Home gardening, How to build your own indoor hydroponic and or aquaponic systems, How to make an in-door bucket garden, What is compost and How to compost, How to make a 3' x 9' compost bin out of pallets, How to make your own rain barrel(s). How to make your own window curtains, How to make furniture out of pallets. 

Home maintenance and repair programs: How to clean behind stove and refrigerators, How to repair holes in plaster and in drywall walls, Ways to winterize your home, Window and door replacement, coming soon: How to restore wood window sashes.  

Homes 4 My Peeps (H4MP) compost service: For residents, coffee shops and restaurants.  We provide our clients with buckets to be filled with food waste and coffee grounds.  That is then swapped out with a clean bucket.  Collected buckets are transported to one of 6 locations where we have compost bins set up at residential locations as well as our community garden.  The above are H4MP workshops, programs and services we provide that help families become and be more sustainable and efficient.

Other services: Custom pallet furniture, Hydro and Aquaponic system installation, Rain barrel installation