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August 20, 2016

Wednesday I got a phone call I never wanted to get.'s cancer....what repeat that(tears and emotion in both of our voices)...Your Dads  See more


Natalie Galchick


Hi my name is Natalie, it is always my goal to donate and help where I can. I never thought I would be making one of these, I felt it's for those in serious need. Well that's where we are as a family right now. My dad was diagnosed with cancer yesterday, and expenses are already rolling in. The Surgeon is out of network, and co pays are due immediately as of right now that's 30% can't even begin to for see follow up after surgery and radiation/chemo) . In a little less than 2 weeks he will be having a pace maker placed and the next day, He will undergo Radical Neck Dissection. He has a long fight ahead and I am hoping this can ease a portion of his out of pocket expenses. My dad is 71 years old and on a fixed income.(1025 per month aftering pay for his health coverage.I don't expect anything, but I would greatly appreciated if in some way we can help with this unexpected financial burden. I need my dad to fight Cancer not worry about how he is going to pay these bills. Please consider donating to the goofiest man you will ever know. The suffering is hard to see, but I dread seeing him worry or not do treatments he needs because he's worried he wont have money to live if he does. Cancer Sucks help my dad please! Below is a little in sight to how this all happened: Wednesday I got a phone call I never wanted to get.'s cancer....what repeat that(tears and emotion in both of our voices)...Your Dads Biopsy result came in and it's Cancer. I am consumed with researching, hours upon hours typing "metastatic squamous cell carcinoma". I am in a daze, it won't leave my head. I must know everything I can for when we go to his appointment next I research some more.....I have to feel like I can fix this if I just find the right information.....I randomly break down in to tears...this is my "DEE" my "Daddy" I am his lottery(because when I was born it was like he won the lottery) This is my goofy, silly crazy dad who would do anything for you. This is my children's pop, this is my sons best friend. This isn't what's supposed to happen. This is the man who randomly moos in a restaurant for a laugh(who delights at his families embarrassment



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