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Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral

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Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral is a Chicago Landmark that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Designed in 1902 by renowned architect Louis Henry Sullivan, the Cathedral needs $60,000 to restore exterior metalwork and stucco. It is the oldest surviving Orthodox church in Chicago and is the only church to be exclusively designed by Sullivan.

About Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral, located in the Chicago’s revitalized West Town neighborhood, has experienced a revitalization of its own, with many new families and young singles joining the parish in the last few years. The 117-year old building needs a revitalization of its own, with particular attention paid to repair of the cracking and in some places, crumbling stucco as well as the exterior metalwork. Cost to repair and rebuild is in excess of $100,000 and will begin soon.

Please Donate

Holy Trinity Cathedral gratefully appreciates donations of any amount! We can not start repairs to the stucco and the metalwork without your help. Our small but growing parish has been mobilized to raise funds for this restoration, donating, tithing and sharing this link as much as possible.

Your contributions will allow a rare architectural gem to be restored to its original glory and help to further enhance a newly revitalized urban neighborhood.

About Louis Henry Sullivan

Architect Louis Henry Sullivan is world renowned for his innovative design, and is often referred to as the “father of modernism,” or “father of the skyscraper,” He was a mentor to Chicago architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Sullivan is said to have coined the phrase, “Form follows function.”

In 1902, Sullivan was hired by a young priest from Russia named John Kochurov (now known as Saint John Kochurov) to design a church for an 8-year old Russian Orthodox parish named St. Vladimir. Sullivan is said to have been so enamored with the project that he significantly reduced the cost of his fees and donated the elaborate Healy & Millet chandelier that still remains within the church.

Louis Sullivan’s Churches

Sullivan designed only two churches during his career: Holy Trinity Cathedral, and St. Paul United Methodist Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. However, Sullivan resigned from the Cedar Rapids project before completion. Additionally, Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago is sometimes referred to as a Louis Sullivan church, however, Sullivan originally designed the building as a synagogue and Pilgrim Baptist purchased the building during an expansion. Thus, Holy Trinity Cathedral is a genuinely unique and historical building, as it is the only church exclusively designed and constructed by Louis H. Sullivan.

For More Information

For more information about Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago, visit www.holytrinitycathedral.net