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"If you feel good, you'll see the good. And that realization may just change you; it may help you see more. I believe that because I'm living it." -HOLYFIT Creator Greg Zinone

Exercise and just living healthy makes you feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself allows you to find the good in the bad, and power through the worst. Take that, combine in with learning and knowing God is running and doing push ups right there with you and add in workouts lead and created by professional athletes and celebs, and you have HolyFIT!

It's really that simple - get fit, feel good - live this life He created us to live. Go on a run, for example, and imagine that while you do, you're talking to God like he's your running partner...or use that time to pray...I promise you, it will be a whole different experience than talking and praying to Him while sitting!

HolyFIT combines God's word with your desire to feel good. We know our physical health is just as important as our spiritual health, but we don't always make it a priority. Let's face it: it takes effort to stay in shape, and it can, at times, feel more like a vanity-thing than a God-thing...so we put it off. We don't see it that way, though! If we aren't physically healthy, we are less able to perform God's Will for our lives. Our bodies are our temples, and God ordains that we take care of our temples....but that doesn't mean He's going to make it easy on us! As with anything in life, if we want it we have to work hard for it. God isn't going to hand us anything, but He does have His hand On everything - we just need to call on Him.


If you like the concept of combining physical health with spiritual principles through HolyFit, consider supporting this ministry in a way that makes sense for you! Here are a few suggestions:

* create your own fundraiser to help us raise money to support HOLYFIT's growth. Every penny raised goes to HolyFIT through Mariner's church and will be used to purchase equipment; to make HolyFit available to at-risk youth in the area; and to grow the ministry in size and resources.

* participate in HolyFit and change your life!

* encourage your friends, family and coworkers to join us! SPREAD THE WORD!

* make a donation & encourage others to do the same!

* if you have ideas and talents that will improve the ministry, let us know! HolyFit is a living ministry, consistently looking for fresh ideas and ways to improve!


More about HolyFit! 

HolyFIT was born through a story, a story whose narration has its ups, downs, lefts and rights...a story when reading you wouldn't expect a happy ending. But this story did..and is a living story. And it's the "why" how a simple story of one, became something that may just have the power to help a lot. 
Never allowing any situation to change what you need, for you and for your own "happy" (no matter how small of a piece of happy that is), is vital. We were created for for a purpose and that purpose will never be recognized and fulfilled if you lose yourself in challenges and the tough.

This is of course easier said then done...but you'll never know if you don't try, you'll never know if you don't do the little things for yourself to make you at least feel good about your "me". My way was through exercise, through keeping my body and mind healthy when both were going through immense challenges; my mind challenged through the tough that was going on in my life and my body through not being able to carve out as much time for exercise. But although cut shorter on time to do, I didn't allow all that was going on to keep me from tying up my sneeks and getting out to run or workout. I just didn't. And because of it, I felt pretty alright about my "me". And that helped made it easier to get through the tough...no doubt more then it would have been have I just let go, gained weight, felt tired and just didn't focus on me for a little.

Looking back though is when I saw the good in it all- it's when I saw the beauty in what I was able to do...it's when I saw the beauty in a lot of things. And most of all, looking back is when I realized that I wasn't alone in any of it...I realized it was Gods plan for me, it was Gods way of showing me where I needed to be strong, who I needed to be strong for, who I really was inside and ultimately who wanted to be.  And so...here I am.

That's my story...that's what I'm living...that's the story behind HolyFIT!   
It sounds intense because it is! It's been a life-changing experience for my family and for me, but it wouldn't be if I didn't apply the principles of HolyFIT. It's about living a healthy lifestyle and growing spiritually, but its foundation is rooted in the idea that if you FEEL good, you'll SEE the good!

With HolyFIT, we push with our bodies, we pray with our hearts, and we perform using God's strength.

Please join me & God on this journey!


Greg Zinone
Creator, HolyFit

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