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Holistic Honu Wellness Center

Perpetuating the Hawaiian culture through education and healing.

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It is the mission of Holistic Honu Wellness Center to:

- Provide resources for the Holistic Practitioner.

- Heighten cultural awareness and participation through educational programs and scholarships.

- Protect, maintain and perpetuate the teachings, beliefs, practices, philosophies, traditions and cultural heritage of the Ancient Traditional Healing Arts.

- Recognize, acknowledge, respect and exemplify the living spirit of the culture and the healing arts

- Educate practitioners to care, support and respect all aspects of the culture so they can better contribute to the community and walks of life.

Our goals are:

- To recapture indigenous thought, history, herbal, medicinal and agricultural traditions, and other indigenous knowledge to help reeducate Native peoples to the richness of their culture.

- To use and integrate this knowledge with technology to help to develop our nation of indigenous people, to help alleviate poverty, and achieve higher levels of self-sufficiency, dignity, and self-determination.

- To show responsibility for indigenous and under-served community health, wealth and education using indigenous knowledge as the foundation for understanding the complex world we live in today.

- To provide space for seminars and workshops to sensitize, edify and stimulate the Native mind.

- To train traditional practitioners so they can help and train others in their communities.

- To act as a conduit between Native and Western healing practices.