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Hope On A Mission:HOAM, Inc

For a period of three years, I was a homeless, addicted woman surviving in the streets of Poughkeepsie, NY. Being actively addicted carried a lot of shame; homelessness compounded this shame 100 fold, as I had no way to tend to my personal hygiene short of a public restroom. The shelter system wasn't a safe place for a single, unaccompanied female, either. So I managed by couch-hopping, or sleeping in abandoned buildings, stairways, and cars to avoid further compromising what little was left of my dignity. Most of my days and nights I was high or trying to get high to escape my grim reality. How did this become my life??? I found recovery and moved on with my life; but there were unresolved issues and I began drinking and drugging again. This time, recovery came before I ended up in the steets again and I clearly heard God tell me to "go be the woman I needed" to the women out in the streets now. Hope On A Mission came from this directive. We have served the homeless, addicted women (and men) every Saturday night on the corner of South Clinton and Main Streets from 6-8pm, since July 24, 2015, NO MATTER WHAT. Our women have come to trust us, rely on us, and call on us during the week for personal needs or a meal. Gaining this property will afford them a safe, secure, dignified place to eat, sleep, shower, or JUST BE.

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