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H.M. Shaw's Veterans Ranch (H.M. Shaw's Veterans Ranch)

We are a complete resource for all homeless, and in-need veterans and 1st responders.

Http://www.shawsranch.com Tax ID 83-2579714


Arizona Gives is about coming together as a community to ensure we take care of each other. 

Our top priorities at Shaw's Veterans Ranch are ensuring we reach out to as many vertarans and 1st responders as possible. Doing this requires a vast community effort. 

Food is number one! We are currently building the Aquaponics Greenhouse and will have tons of harvest within a few months. This means we need a very Large Cooler to store the harvest in so that we can transport it out within days (fast turn around) to our Veteran properties, the homeless individuals, the clients homes etc.... 

Second goal is procuring a Large Barn to organize all of the donations we have received thus far. Clothing, appliances, furniture, etc... and this will be Shaw's Rustic Barnyard Store for veterans and 1st responders to come and get items they need for free. 

Between all of these projects we are still providing empathy, life coaching, food, events, case management, food/hygeine to homeless, coordination of care, companion/service animals, community awareness etc... Without you, we CANNOT do THIS!

Large Cooler, the Large Barn and basic supplies are main items we are looking for (if you have them). Then we press to the next project.  Veterans are our passion. Your donations have a MASSIVE RIPPLE effect on our community. YOU are invaluable to our organization. Thank you!