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Holistica Foundation Inc

Literacy can literally change lives!

https://exercise.philanthropy.icu Tax ID 82-3194233


Our mission is to allow for upward social mobility by means of literacy.

Books Change Lives: reading is key.

Holistica Foundation Inc is a nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating social and economic differences by helping the current generation of poor students to become wealthier compared to their parents.

The way we do it is by stimulating the healthy habit of everyday reading.

We believe that when someone loves to read, one’s perspectives in life become more clear and thus, attainable.

Our goal is to bring
more freedom to Brazilians.

The means: passion for reading

Because change requires knowledge and knowledge starts with reading.

Literacy, or actually, the lack thereof, is Brazil’s most deep and lasting social issue.

Most Brazilians are illiterate in some level. Only 1 in 4 Brazilians are fully literate (math, reading and writing).

Everything we do is carefully and tenderly thought of to bring the passion for reading to Brazilian students in the most impoverished areas of the continental country.

By helping poor young students to see reading as a passion, as something enjoyable and fun, we are certain that we are sowing seeds that will blossom beautifully in the future.

Join us: help Brazilians to thrive! Let’s break the cycle of poverty for good.

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