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Hero K9

Ensuring the Provision, Preparation, and Protection of Public Safety K9s™

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Hero K9 is a national 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to protecting our nation by raising funds to provide the Public Safety community with K9s, training, and necessary equipment. 

VISION: Ensuring all public safety agencies have access to working dogs, the highest quality equipment, and training to more effectively serve their communities.

MISSION: To aid in protecting our nation by raising funds to provide the Public Safety community with K9s, training, and necessary equipment.

Equipment grants are available to public safety agencies for their K9 program(s) for the following:

Ranger K9 Trauma Kits* ($150) 

Ballistic and Multi-threat Vests ($950) 

Door Pop & Heat Alarm Systems ($1,500) 

In-squad Kennels ($2,500) 

How does this equipment help a K9?

Ranger K9 Trauma Kit

Provides sterile, veterinary grade, K9-specific supplies to assist an officer in providing aid to their K9 in the event of an on-the-job incident or injury. This kit includes a canine oxygen mask, along with other first aid items, a quick reference sheet for K9 vitals and dosing, and comes in a heavy-duty, canvas bag that is embroidered with emblems ensuring that it is easily identifiable for K9 use.

Ballistic or Multi-threat Vest

Protects against standard-issue caliber rounds (ballistic only) for common guns, while the multi-threat vest offers additional protection for stabbing weapons, like prison shanks or other blunt force puncture objects. Both levels of coverage come in a carrier made of a rip-stop material that helps to deflect punctures as well. These options for equipment provide the same level of protection that the human counterparts of these K9s are required to wear for their job. We leave the protection level up to the agency.

Door Pop + Heat Alarm System

This combination unit helps in two ways.

1. The door pop allows the K9 handler officer to remotely unlatch the door so their K9 may exit the squad car and come to their aid, should a call for service take a turn to the more dangerous.

2. The heat alarm system monitors the interior air temperature of the squad car and sets off the sirens, lights, alarms, and rolls down the windows of the car to help ensure that a K9 doesn’t suffer from heat trauma if the temperature rises into a dangerous threshold.

In-squad Kennel 

Made to fit either the full rear seat of a squad or just 2/3rds of the rear so there is room for suspect/offender transport, an in-squad kennel provides a gated space for any working K9. Durable like a roll cage, it is a washable, after-market, K9-specific piece of equipment that gives the K9 their home away from home in their work vehicle. We leave the unit selection up to the agency.

Every donation makes an impact on the safety of communities across our nation. 

Tax-deductible donations may be made to our general fund or through our equipment sponsor program. To learn more, donate, or request an application, visit www.herok9.org, find us on social media @4herok9, or call 681-4HeroK9 (443-7659).

*For a list of Ranger K9 Trauma Kit contents, click here. Tax ID: 81-3051300.