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Heritage Community Services Inc

Founded in 1995, Heritage Community Services’ programs utilize The Heritage Method, a logic model that addresses the risky behavior of adolescents from the perspective of changing the behavior that is causing the problem rather than only addressing the consequences of the risky actions. The Heritage Method is a systemic approach that through the use of our programs is designed to saturate whole communities with effective resources to help young people develop good character, abstain from risky behaviors, and prepare for marriage and family life. This method, which is a character-based systemic approach to risk avoidance, has been developed on a foundation of scientific theory and methodology. Heritage program students initiate sex at a rate 67% lower than similar non-program students measured a year after the program is over.



Our mission is to strengthen the character of  America’s adolescents and our communities one individual, one family,  and one institution at a time.
For those of us at Heritage Community Services, the well-being of  children is what it is all about. It is about their parents having a  healthy relationship. It is about the family structures they belong to.  It is about the behaviors they will adopt that will enable them to first  get an education, then get a job, then get married, and, then, start  their own families. It is about healthy family formation and  maintenance.
Our goal is to communicate the realities of sexual activity and the benefits of forming healthy families. We strive to:
Address building healthy relationships outside the context of sex
Provide training in character-building and life skills
Explain the consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage
Explain the consequences of family fragmentation  on child and family well-being
Define the characteristics and benefits of healthy family formation