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47% Raised of$20,000 Goal

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Henna For Hope Campaign Photo
Henna For Hope Campaign Photo
Henna For Hope Campaign Photo
Henna For Hope Campaign Photo
Henna For Hope Campaign Photo

The Story

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 30, 2018

What I love about the Henna for Hope campaign is that we are putting something onto our body – beautiful designs – and after the henna dries and we wipe it off, we are left with an imprint. The design stays with us and becomes part of us – for a week or so maybe, and then it fades away. We want this campaign to inspire hope that the imprint of trauma can also fade away and that our bodies can learn new ways of responding to stress and we can learn to experience peace and calm. 


What Hope Roots does – ·

  • PROJECTS to help those at-risk for trafficking or violence (sewing course, funds to build new bathrooms at a care center, etc.)
  • TRAINING for organizations serving trauma survivors (homes for women rescued from sex trafficking, those serving prison inmates, etc.)
  • CURRICULUM development to help provide better access to trauma care (yoga training and trauma therapy integration, retreats, workshops, etc.)

How to Participate – ·

  • SIGN UP as a fundraiser on Crowdrise and share your fundraising page!
  • POST a photo or video (preferably with some henna design) on social media with the hashtag #hennaforhope and include your personal story of why you want to help.
  • ASK friends, businesses, and other contacts if they will give toward the fundraising goal you have set - direct them to your Crowdrise page or to the Hope Roots website to donate.

This next year Hope Roots wants to grow and expand its work among trauma survivors with more projects and more training opportunities. We will continue to help trauma survivors learn to feel at peace in their bodies and journey toward healing, with more projects, workshops, and scholarships. Our Holistic Tools for Trauma workshop is offered to organizations that serve trauma survivors, equipping them to start their own trauma-informed yoga programs. We have conducted workshops at homes for women rescued from trafficking and for an organization that helps prisoner about to be released. We also offer the staff of those organizations full yoga teacher training opportunities so that they can be fully equipped to serve.

Prizes for Fundraisers!

There will also be prizes for those who raise the most!  We have unique colouring books made by an Indian artist for the first 100 people to raise $100.  Those who raise at least $500 will also get a Hope Roots t-shirt, and anyone who raises over $1,000 will also get a $50 gift card to shop at Saribari.com and 20% off of any Hope Roots retreat or workshop.  We need about 20 people to raise $1,000 each to reach our goal!